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India's 7 Most Expensive Teas: Would You Buy One?

For a tea connoisseur, no price should be too high for the beverage. Still, sometimes tea can fetch astronomical prices

So, what makes tea so expensive? There are multiple reasons. High-range speciality teas enter the market on rare occasions. In some cases, a speciality tea has a slow and lengthy process, which means that the yield is limited to a fixed quantity of grams. They are produced at a low volume, often not more than 15kg. Since these teas are produced in lower quantities, their prices climb up as demand soars. Sometimes, teas, such as the Darjeeling Tea are sold in private auctions to large tea houses in Europe, America, and Japan.

Besides, the leaves of these teas are often plucked on rare and special days. For instance, some rare teas are only harvested during the full moon. Other factors that drive the price include the taste and health benefits associated with a tea variety. So, what are the most expensive teas in India?
Let's find out.

1. White Pride - Darjeeling Organic White Tea - First Flush - 2020

Superb Organic 2020 Spring Tea extremely fresh after almost mid-March flush. An extremely floral, smooth and classic extravaganza from the Badamtam Estate in Darjeeling to relish and enjoy wonderful times. The taste and drinking experience is not just unique but an absolute classic one with this rare, limited and designer tea, also being offered at a very reasonable price were being much better than others from the same estate being offered at several times higher prices

Lemon Flavoured Black Tea - Golden Tips Tea (India)

2. White Exotica Tea

An exotic White Tea from Darjeeling with each leaf picked tenderly and selectively just before sunrise. The fairly long, light & fluffy leaves of this tea type are an absolute visual delight. Cultivated in the picturesque slopes of the Himalayas at altitudes up to 2000 meters, this rare tea type has excellent health benefits and a very high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Peppermint Green Tea - Golden Tips Tea (India)

3. Spring Moonshine Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush - 2020

New season 2020 Spring Darjeeling tea from the most picturesque Glenburn estate. The season's earliest, newest and most eagerly awaited tea, comes with a whiff of extraordinary freshness. A beautifully mellowed and fragrant offering that has a soft and highly pleasant floral aroma with very mild grassy notes. A tribute to Darjeeling and truly worth the long wait.

Mango Flavoured Black Tea - Golden Tips Tea (India)

4. Diamond Dazzle Star Organic Darjeeling Black Tea - Second Flush 2019

Organic prime Summer pick from the most reputed Arya Tea Estate in Darjeeling known to produce gems of teas. This specially made tea with a bright and sparkling liquor, also has a sharp clonal and floral aroma, with a complex flavour that has hints of chocolate, almonds, honey to make for a sweet and memorable complex taste. A very satisfying and superb tea - par excellence - that is sure to overwhelm connoisseurs and crazy lovers of the finest Darjeeling Teas.

Mint Green Tea - Golden Tips Tea (India)

5. Spring Pearl - Organic Darjeeling White Tea First Flush - 2020

Specially crafted Organic White Tea from the renowned Arya estate in the pristine hills of Darjeeling. This carefully made exotic tea consists of tender buds plucked at dawn and minimally processed to preserve not only the most delicate and extremely smooth flavour but also to guard the innumerable health beneficial character of the flush. This tea with an exemplary mellowness also has very mild grassy and vegetal notes, so typical of classy white teas. A must-drink for connoisseurs who are looking for an exhilarating experience.

Floral Delight - Rose, Hibiscus - Golden Tips Tea (India)

6. Rare Second Flush Darjeeling Tea in Pinewood Box with Zardosi Work on Velvet Pouch

A unique Darjeeling tea with a pronounced rare muscatel flavor. High grown amidst the misty mountains and sheltered by the snow-capped Himalayas. This tea is one of the best offerings from the world's most famous tea-growing region, aptly named 'Pride of Darjeeling'.

Peach Flavoured Black Tea - Golden Tips Tea (India)

7. White Blush - Rose White Tea

An exotic handpicked White Tea blended with delicately plucked and fragrant Rose petals, to create a sweet and pleasant flavour with a mildly grassy finish. The innumerable health benefits of White Tea combined with Rose petals, make for a potent drink, as also a delicious cup to relish anytime of the day.

Sweet Surprise - Fennel, Rose, Licorice Green Tea. - Golden Tips Tea (India)

Final Thoughts

Despite these high prices, true tea aficionados will do everything in their power to buy and taste their favourite speciality tea. If you are one of those, then go ahead and order your favourite tea.

Golden Tips is one of the oldest tea brands in India. Our gourmet teas have gained popularity across the world. We will make sure that you get to drink the most delectable cup of tea in your life.

November 12, 2020 by Golden Tips Teas India

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India's 7 Most Expensive Teas: Would You Buy One?
India's 7 Most Expensive Teas: Would You Buy One?

For a tea connoisseur, no price should be too high for the beverage. Still, sometimes tea can fetch astronomical prices.

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