Procured Top 7 teas fetching the highest prices in the Pan-India e-auction by Tea Board of India
July 15, 2020 by Golden Tips Teas India

The International Tea Day Special Edition Pan-India e-auction held by Tea Board of India on 22nd June 2020 has been a success with more than 42,000 kgs of teas valued at over Rs. One Crore being sold on the occasion!

Top 7 teas fetching the highest prices in the pan-India special edition e-auction on 22-06-2020, were purchased by Golden Tips Tea Company Pvt. Ltd.

A very proud moment for Golden Tips Tea! Tea Board of India posted a congratulatory message with a video for Golden Tips Tea on their social channels. Big thank you to Tea Board of India for the hard work to promote Indian teas as the finest teas in the world.

1. Oolong Relish - Organic Nilgiri Tea - Second Flush 2020

2. 24-Carat Treasure Gold - Premium Assam Golden Tips Black Tea- Second Flush -2020

3. Virgin Green - Organic Nilgiri Green Tea - Second Flush 2020

4. Summer Moonlight Symphony Darjeeling White Tea - Second Flush -2020

5. Golden Inferno - Prized Assam Golden Buds Black Tea - Second Flush 2020 

6. White Succulence - Silver Tips - Arunachal Pradesh - White Tea - Second Flush 2020

7. Golden Crest - Assam Golden Buds Black Tea - Second Flush 2020

The other major buyers at this auction were Golden Tea House, Sealdah Tea House, Saket Impex, SBS Tea Tech, Saraf Tea Emporium, Inderchand Sitaram, Tea Sip & Taste, Sindhu Tea Traders, Shreemoti Trading Company and many more. The total volume of teas sold was 42,034.95 kgs with a total deal amount of Rs. 1,10,32,436.

We thank the entire Tea Industry for making this special event a success.

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