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Assam Halmari Highest Priced CTC Tea - World Record GT 229 (100 gm)


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Special pack of second flush Halmari CTC Tea, having unmatched quality and grown in Upper Assam. Halmari is known to produce some of the finest varieties of CTC teas every year and especially during the summer flush, when quality peaks.

This prime Assam CTC Tea, consisting of just 125 Kgs., was bid & bought by Golden Tips at the Kolkata tea auction for Rs. 600 per Kg., setting a WORLD RECORD for the highest price ever for a CTC Tea.

This expertly manufactured CTC tea is characteristic of a very bright golden liquor and creamy taste and completely overwhelms the discerning. This limited edition tea is meant for connoisseurs and lovers of fine CTC teas and makes for an extraordinary cup of milk tea / chai.