GOLD RUSH - Rare & Exotic Tippy Assam Black Tea Second Flush - 2019

Rs. 2,495

Fancy and designer special Summer harvest from the Mokalbari estate on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra in Assam. This small and special special boutique lot has been made by expertly handpicked buds from P-126 clones where these are larger than leaves. The renowned estate has achieved distinction in the production of fancy and designer Golden Tips having attained refinement and excellence over the years.
The dry leaves of this unique and record making tea at the Kolkata auctions,  consist predominantly of tender Golden Tips and when brewed,  has a full-bodied & strong liquor, aroma, smooth and malty flavor with a  rich taste that is absolutely fascinating.
Note: Tin Can only with 100 grams size. Other sizes packed in pouches.
Max Retail Price:
                                Rs.        251.00        10   g
                                Rs.      2495.00      100   g     
                                Rs.      7111.00      300   g
                                Rs.    11258.00      500   g
(Inclusive of all taxes)