Tea Combo ( Roseherb Green Tea Tin Can, 100g / 3.53oz | Rose Fennel Turmeric Black Tea Jar Pack, 100g / 3.53oz )


Roseherb Green Tea :A soothing blend of pure green tea and a variety of exotic medicinal 
herbs from the Himalayas in India. This light and mellow herbal green tea is characteristic of a rich grassy aroma with sweetish and rosy undertones, a smooth flavour with fairly bright liquor in the cup.

Rose Fennel Turmeric Black Tea: A Spicy and warming herbal chai. This is a perfect tea for chai enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the boost. The turmeric gives this brew an exotic, piquant flavour that lingers on the taste buds while also highlighting the other earthy spices in this blend.