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Oolong Relish - Organic Nilgiri Tea - Second Flush 2020


Rs. 801

Inclusive of all taxes.

Dry Leaf:
Crisp & wiry longish black leaves with few golden-tipped with stray open green leaves
Tea Liquor:
Bright Golden
Tea Infusion:
Dark green with coppery tones having grassy & fragrant nose
A celebratory tea passionately made from selective tea leaves plucked on International Tea Day at the Billimalai organic estate situated amidst the towering peaks of the Nilgiris in South India. This tea also has the distinction of being the highest priced tea to have ever sold in recent years in all of South India. The most enchanting golden liquor brings forth a mildly grassy and vegetal taste with the wafting & delicate floral aroma that enhances the drinking experience. The aftertaste is very subtle and smooth and also reminiscent of assorted nuts. A connoisseur's delight to relish several times a day, this inimitable offering.

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Flavorful tea with unique aroma
Early First Flush 2021