Golden Tips Tea Combo - Oolong Tea Full Leaf Pyramid - 20 Tea Bags, 40g | Darjeeling Full Leaf Pyramid - 20 Tea Bags, 40g)

Rs. 589

An extraordinary Oolong Tea from Darjeeling, a go-between black and green tea having properties of both. Tenderly grown and expertly processed in select estates, Darjeeling Oolong Teas are made from finely plucked leaves, usually two leaves and a bud. This beautiful leaf tea type is semi-oxidized and abundant in anti-oxidants with several health benefits.


A rare & enchanting selection of the finest tea leaves from the foothill of the Himalays. This premium Darjeeling is characterized by a sparkling amber color, flowery aroma and a smooth flavor with distinct fruity notes. Much sought after by connoisseurs worldwide.

Health Benefits: Prevent Cold and Nasal Congestion, Antioxidant-rich, helps prevent cell damage, Boost Energy and Immunity.