Sparkling Moonlight Darjeeling White Tea - First Flush 2018 [MTC-06]


Dry Leaf: Light brown and greenish well-made leaves flush with tender downy silver buds

Infusion: Light green with coppery corners and a fragrant nose.

Liquor: Light / pale yellow

Prime Spring Darjeeling White Tea from the most renowned Margaret's Hope Estate situated in the middle of the Darjeeling district. A beautifully crafted tea, laden with silver tips / buds, this tea comes with a distinctly and most delightful floral aroma. The presence of a very mild grassiness, so very typical of a fine White Tea, as well as a tender clonal flavour, adds value and makes this a truly superb and unbeatable tea the like of which would surely be a rarity anywhere in Darjeeling his season. This out-of-the-world tea is best enjoyed without any accompaniment.