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June 19, 2024 by Golden Tips Teas India

Tea is one of the most popular drinks to kick-start the day and get through it. However, some people put a lot of sugar in their tea, which can be harmful to their health because it spikes blood sugar levels. This can foster insulin resistance and pose diabetes risk. Needless to say, when the spike goes down, this causes a crash in the body, which makes the body crave more sugar, and the cycle continues. Therefore, dump the sugar overload by opting for Indian teas from Golden Tips Tea.

Hands down, Indian teas are naturally delicious. You don't need sugar to enhance their flavor. Here's what makes them great tasting naturally:

Exceptional Flavor Profiles

Indian teas such as Assam and Darjeeling have exceptional flavor profiles. They showcase the richness and diversity of Indian culture through their delicate aroma and flavorful notes. The muscatel flavor notes of Darjeeling and the full-bodied texture of Assam tea make every cup incredibly satisfying without the need for added sweetness.

Additionally, the shorter fermentation and superior cultivation process of Darjeeling tea varieties offer amazing health benefits. These include:

  • Lowered cancer risk by preventing cellular mutations
  • Cortisol regulation
  • High quercetin content improves heart health by enhancing blood flow and reducing LDL oxidation.

Darjeeling Loose Leaf Green Tea


English Breakfast Assam Full Leaf Pyramid - Tea Bags


High Mountain Fine Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea

Spice Blend- The Enriching Brew

Another reason that makes Indian Teas scrumptious and naturally delectable is the brew. That's right; the aromatic spices in masala chai like cloves, ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon, enhance its flavor. Simply stated, the spices add layers to the tea's natural sweetness. The inherent sweetness of the spices satisfies the palate while eliminating the need for additional sugar.

Wait, there's more! Apart from the sweet touch, the spice blend provides unmatched health benefits like alleviating bloating and aiding digestion. Similarly, antioxidant properties in Indian teas neutralize harmful free radicals. It further reduces oxidative stress while minimizing the risk of chronic diseases.


Masala Chai India's Authentic Spiced Tea - Value Pack


Premium CTC Tea


Earl Grey Spice Black Tea

Herbal Infusions

Similarly, herbal infusions are quite common in India. They impart a delicate sweetness to Indian teas without adding sugar. For instance, chamomile, with its apple-like flavor profile, adds a natural sweetness to teas while promoting relaxation and soothing the senses.

Lemongrass, known for its citrusy aroma, lends a refreshing sweetness to teas and stimulates digestion. With its cool and refreshing taste, the Mint offers a subtle sweetness and digestive support. These natural sweeteners allow you to enjoy a flavorful beverage without the added calories or sugars, making herbal teas an ideal choice for those seeking to reduce their sugar intake.


Hibiscus Rose Black Tea


Lemon Grass Green Tea


Roseherb Green Tea - Royal Brocade Cloth Bag

Wrapping Up

So, dump the sugar overload now and opt for Indian tea varieties today. Shop with us to try new and exotic tea flavors and see which one you love the most. These varieties are delectable and healthy- making them excellent morning drinks.

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