What Is First Flush Tea and Why Is It So Expensive?

What Is First Flush?

The first flush tea is the first tea harvested in spring or in the late winter. Based on the region, type of tea, and farmer, this time can vary for the first flush. Mostly, the first flush has the best quality, and for that reason, it also costs more than others.

Whenever seasoned tea drinkers hear about first flush teas, it fills them with excitement because they are aware of the freshness and taste it brings to the table. The first flush teas are lightly oxidized to ensure their fresh flavour shines through.

Spring Clonal Delight Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush-2021

The earliest new season Spring Flush 2021 from the hills of Darjeeling, these are fresh and fragrant leaves tenderly plucked from carefully nurtured special bushes. This special tea has a very pleasant and alluring floral aroma with mild fruitiness which is very typical of new Spring Teas. The mild traces of mellowed grasiness add to the drinking pleasure to make this a most welcome drink this season.

Tea Character

Depending on the flush, teas have varying characters in terms of taste, body, and appearance. The first flush has a lighter appearance – the leaves and brewed tea both maintain it. The leaves of a first flush are significantly green – you may even mistake it for a green tea. When you pour the tea into the cup, the liquor appears pale, from a light golden hue to amber.

When it comes to the body, the first flush tea boasts flavours, including grassy, fruity, floral, and earthy notes. Similar to green teas, you steep first flush teas at 80C for around 3 minutes. For 10 oz of water, use 10 gm of tea for the best results.

Spring Harmony Star Organic Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush-2021

Early flushing Spring Darjeeling Organic Tea from the Risheehat estate. A very fine tea with floral aroma, fruitiness, mild astringency, and a pronounced and lingering flavour.

Why Is First Flush Tea Expensive?

Once you step into a tea shop, you will realize that the most exquisite and freshest tea is the first flush tea, and it is also the most expensive. There are many reasons behind this pricing:

  • A first flush tea like the Darjeeling tea is so popular among tea drinkers that it has earned Champagne of Teas' title for its taste.
  • First flush teas are made through orthodox methods, such as rolling tea by hand. These techniques ensure that tea offers plenty of health benefits.
  • Tea producers are more selective about which part of the tea plant should be used for first flush teas. Only new leaves are used in the production of first flush tea
  • First flush teas are produced less in quantity. Therefore, their demand outstrips the supply.
  • There is a huge national and international demand from tea connoisseurs.

It is important to buy first flush tea from a reputed tea brand that can tell you when and how it was processed and packaged. If you are looking for a reliable brand, then buy it from Golden Tea Tips.

Darjeeling Tea Darjeeling Teas

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