10 Best Tea Plantations to Visit in India

As the world is celebrating National Tourism Day on January 25, many travelers and adventure seekers are looking for the next destination they want to visit. Nothing is more exciting for tea lovers than enjoying a warm cup of tea as they take in the sight of lush tea plantations on a sun-kissed winter morning.

Hence, we have compiled a list of the ten best Indian tea plantations to visit in India.

10 Best Tea Plantations to Visit in India

Here are the best tea estates in India that tea lovers should visit this year.

1. Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Perhaps one of the most popular tea plantations in Darjeeling, Glenburn, was established by the Scottish in the mid-1800s. With around 1,600 acres of rolling hills, tea plantations, valleys, rivers, and forests, Glenburn offers an incredible retreat for tea lovers.


2. Ghograjan Tea Estate, Assam

A fifth-generation, family-run tea estate, Ghograjan is a top destination for tea lovers in Upper Assam. The estate runs along the beautiful Ghagra river, and the tea leaves go through some interesting processes in the family estate. You wouldn't want to miss these rare sights.

Ghograjan Tea Estate

3. Conoor Tea Estate, Nilgiri

A short drive from the beautiful hill stations of Ooty, the Conoor Tea Estate is nestled in the scenic lush green Nilgiri hills. You can enjoy a warm cup of flagrant Nilgiri tea on a winter day and do some bird watching. The high elevation of Nilgiri plantations gives the flavored teas their distinct aroma, which is why locals refer to the plantations as the "flagrant ones."

Conoor Tea Estate, Nilgiri

4. Temi Tea Estate, Sikkim

The last king of Sikkim and the local government established the Temi tea estate to employ Tibetan refugees. The organic Temi Sikkim teas here are 100 percent organic and similar to Darjeeling tea in taste. November is perhaps the ideal time to go here on your visit to India.

Temi Tea Estate, Sikkim

5. Sourenee Tea Estate, Darjeeling

One of the most upscale tea estates in Darjeeling, India, is the Sourenee tea estate. You can enjoy world-class Darjeeling loose leaf tea as you overlook the mountains of Nepal and the scenic Mirik valley. The estate offers a traditional charm while providing ample modern amenities for guests.

Sourenee Tea Estate, Darjeeling

6. Halmari Tea Estate, Assam

Owned and operated by the Daga family, the Halmari tea estate is another top destination for tea lovers in Assam, India. You'll experience beautiful sights and a wide variety of Assam teas, many of which reach top hotel chains worldwide and retailers like Golden Tips Tea.

Halmari Tea Estate, Assam

7. Chamong Tea Estate, Darjeeling

With majestic rolling hills in sight, you can walk along the surreal trails and enjoy the most incredible Darjeeling loose leaf tea at Chamong tea estate. There is a village of tea pickers near the tea plantation and factory that cover 900 acres of lush green land.

Chamong Tea Estate, Darjeeling

8. Gatoonga Tea Estate, Assam

The Gatoonga tea estate is situated in Baruajan in Jorhat. It has a rich 100-year heritage and is well-known for producing the most tea in India. There is no shortage of high-quality Assam tea, and you'll see colonial bungalows, rolling hills, and large tea plantations under the clear blue sky.

Chamong Tea Estate, Darjeeling

9. Makaibari Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Makaibari tea estate is one of the oldest and most famous in Darjeeling, India. It is a popular tourist destination, where you can watch the tea pickers beat drums and chant every morning before plucking. With scenic views, the best Darjeeling teas, and colonial-era architecture, the Makaibari tea estate is one you shouldn't miss on your visit to India this year.

Makaibari Tea Estate, Darjeeling

10. Sapoi Tea Estate, Assam

Located in the Sonitpur district of Assam, the 100-year-old Sapoi tea estate sprawls across more than 2500 acres of ancestral land. The friendly workers are very welcoming and impart tea knowledge to all, whereas the estate offers residence, excellent breakfast teas, and views of the tea plantations along the Brahmaputra River.

Sapoi Tea Estate, Assam

Final Thoughts

Tea lovers will enjoy all of the mentioned best tea estates and plantations on their next visit to India. We highly recommend experiencing as many teas and mentioned destinations as possible in 2022.

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