10 Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers

According to statistics, 159 million Americans drink tea on any given day, making it highly likely that you know a tea lover or two, even if you aren’t one yourself. Even though the United States is famous for being a coffee-drinking country, tea’s popularity has persisted over the years, revived by brands including its varieties in their menus.

The oddest part is that sometimes people you would least expect to be tea lovers end up being one. That’s good news and bad news. The good news is that you can get creative and choose unique tea gifts for them. The bad news is that you can’t tell whether someone is a teal lover or not.

How to Spot a Tea Lover Easily

There is no absolute need to worry. We excel at turning your frown upside down and, hence, prepared a little list that you can use to judge if your friend is a tea lover or not.


Every time is tea time. Only having tea at designated hours of the day is an alien concept to them.


People use “chai lover” as an identifier for them.


Morning and night tea are a must. There is no going without them.


They have a favourite teacup that is their precious!


There’s quite a collection of teas in their cupboard all year round.


They never say no to tea.


Their favourite brunch beverage is tea instead of mimosa.


If they read about tea, they will make themselves a cuppa.


There’s no such thing as “too hot for a cup of hot tea.”


They consider a person’s dislike for tea a personal offence.

They consider a person’s dislike for tea a personal offence.

10 Teas for Tea Lovers

1. Pride Of Darjeeling - Rare First Flush Tea

An outstanding and rare First Flush Tea packed in a Pinewood Box for connoisseurs of Golden Tips across the globe. Originating in Darjeeling, from the area which produces one of the finest teas in the world, this early spring selection consisting of the most tender leaves, has a delightful floral aroma with a mellowed liquor and makes for a very extraordinary and outstanding cup to relish.

2. Pure Green Tea - Royal Brocade Cloth Bag

A delicate and smooth whole leaf green tea from the pristine hills of Darjeeling. This non-fermented tea, rich in natural anti-oxidants with several health benefits, is characteristic of a smooth light taste, a gentle and floral aroma with pale green liquor in the cup.

3. Lemon Flavoured Loose Leaf Black Tea - Tin Can

A refreshing blend of fine black tea from Assam combined with natural extracts of lemon. This popular combination is characteristic of a mild aroma, dark liquor in the cup & a smooth flavor with undertones of citrusy lemon

4. 3-in-1 Queen of Hills, Jubilee and Pride of Darjeeling - Velvet Bag

Pride of Darjeeling: An outstanding and rare second flush Darjeeling tea meant for connoisseurs of Golden Tips teas across the world.
Jubilee Tea : A very rare and enchanting tea. Undoubtedly the season’s most outstanding, this exceptional and stylish Darjeeling tea with a golden colour also has a beautiful fragrance with characteristic muscatel flavour.
Queen of Hills: A blend of precious teas from selected high elevation tea estates in Darjeeling nestled in the arms of the Himalayas. A fine tea certain to delight the discerning tea connoisseur.

5. Sparkling Oolong Tea - Tin Can

Extraordinary oolong tea from Darjeeling, a go-between black and green tea having properties of both. Tenderly Grown and expertly processed in select estates, Darjeeling Oolong Teas are made from finely plucked leaves, usually two leaves and a bud. This beautiful leaf tea-type is semi-oxidized and abundant in anti-oxidants with several health benefits.

6. Chocolate Flavoured Black Tea - Tin Can

A refreshing blend of high grow full leaf black tea combined with natural extracts of Chocolate. This bright liquoring tea makes for a robust and flavoury cup.

7. 6-in-1 Delightful Teas (Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Sikkim, Kangra & Dooars)

A unique collection of whole leaf teas from Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Sikkim, Kangra & Dooars, the six different tea growing regions in India. As distinct as the culture of the regions they come from, these delightful teas are certain to pamper any tea connoisseur.

8. Muscatel Golden Assam Black Tea - Second Flush 2020

Prime summer harvest from the Amgoorie estate, bordering Nagaland on the southern banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river, in upper Assam. This specially-harvested and crafted tea overflowing with the rare Golden Tips, comes with a slightly malty taste and has the rich muscatel-like aroma, a characteristic extremely uncommon in Assam Teas.

9. Earl Grey Tea - Tin Can

Earl Grey, the most popular tea blend in the world is names after the British Minster, the 2nd Earl Grey. Our Earl Grey Darjeeling Tea is an interesting take on this classic combination of the finest black tea leaves from Darjeeling scented with natural oil from the ripened peel of the bergamot fruit, a pear shaped sour orange originally found in southern Italy.

10. Finest Indian Teas Trio - Darjeeling, Nilgiri & Assam (3x50gm)

The tea is characteristic of a sparkling golden colour, flowery aroma and a smooth flavour with distinct fruity notes.

The tea is characteristic of a pronounced malty flavour with a bright Colour & enduring aroma. Ideal for tea lovers whose weakness is strong tasting Colour.

The tea is characteristic of a light and crispy flavour, a brisk & bright Colour in the cup with a subtle & distinct aftertaste.

Final Thoughts

Tea lovers are easy to pick out and simple to please. You can always find outstanding gifts for tea drinkers on the Golden Tips Tea website . You might also find a unique blend they especially love, automatically elevating your friendship

Darjeeling Tea Darjeeling Teas

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Chocolate Flavoured Black Tea | Golden Tips Tea

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