Beat the Heat: 6 Best Teas to Enjoy in Summers
June 17, 2021 by Golden Tips Teas India

Enjoying the summer is the only way to spend this fantastic time of the year! It is the perfect time to bring out the shorts and summer skirts, enjoy the coolest desserts, and drink delicious hot and cold beverages while relaxing!

Tea lovers have an especially interesting time during the hot weather as they go about surprising people by sipping on cup after cup of hot tea in summer! They truly know what fun is all about.

6 Best Summertime Teas

If you are looking for ideas about the best teas to enjoy during the summers, you have come to the right place. We are avid tea lovers and know how to enhance our tea experience in the best way possible.

Matcha Iced Tea

First off, we have Matcha Tea! Originating from Japan, this tea type has recently become incredibly popular and for a good reason. The flavour is versatile and tastes just as good at both hot and cold temperatures, depending on your preference.


First off, we have Check out how to Prepare Matcha Iced Tea using the finest Golden Tips Matcha Powder?

Mint Iced Tea

Mint tea is incredibly refreshing and can easily become the summer tea representative. The best feature of this variety is that it tastes amazing, both hot and cold, and you can even mix it up to get some unique flavours.

Peach Iced Tea 

You can enjoy several peach iced tea options. Our favorite is to add peaches, fresh basil, and maple syrup to loose-leaf black tea. You can also opt for honey for a similarly refreshing ice tea beverage.

Peach iced teas help keep your bones and teeth strong. They are great for the immune system, improve cardiac health, lower blood sugar, and also promote weight loss. The rich antioxidant content helps your body detoxify and remove free radicals from your system

Divine Potpourri - Licorice, Peppermint, Rose, Fennel, Hibiscus & Green Tea

An energizing blend of fine green tea with Licorice, Peppermint, Rose, Fennel and Hibiscus is perfect for the health-conscious. This specially crafted blend makes for an extremely aromatic and flavourful cuppa.

Mango Iced Tea

Mango ice tea made with dried mango leaves is perhaps the most exotic and fruity option on this list. Simply add some honey and a dash of lemon syrup for the most deliciously refreshing mango iced tea this summer.

It helps regulate insulin and blood sugar in the body for improved diabetes management. It may also improve your immune system, blood pressure, digestion, and stress levels, and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

Choclate Iced Tea

A refreshing blend of high grow full leaf black tea combined with natural extracts of Chocolate. This bright Colouring tea makes for a robust and flavoury cup.

Final Thoughts

Summertime tea recipes are some of the most refreshing ones you will come across and are worth trying out. If you want to experiment a little more, you can also check out the incredibly diverse collection at Golden Tips Tea, and enjoy the flavour!

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