15 Best Tea Blends Customers Picked in 2021

The year 2021 was a roller-coaster ride, taking us on highs and lows and shaking us from our daily routine slumber. In these tasking months, there was hope and warmth of a teacup that the world shared with their loved ones. We know for sure the teas boasted the relationship between families and immunity and kept the world going.

Here we present the 11 best-selling tea blends that our beloved customers across the globe purchased in the year 2021. We endeavour to allow you to glimpse the consumers' articulate taste and help you discover your favourite tea blends. We wish you to try out the new tea blends because until you try, you never know what you are missing.

Best Selling Black Teas

 best seler Pride Of Darjeeling - Rare First Flush Tea

Earl Grey Tea - Tin Can

Earl Grey, the most popular tea blend in the world is named after the British Minister, the 2nd Earl Grey. Our Earl Grey Indian Tea is an interesting take on this classic combination of the finest black tea leaves scented with natural oil from the ripened peel of the bergamot fruit, a pear shaped sour orange originally found in southern Italy.

Darjeeling Tea - Tin Can

This tea is harvested from foothills of eastern Himalayas. It's known for Nice Aroma, Strong Taste, and highly oxidized tea.

Golden Orange Pekoe Tea - Tin Can

A special grade of black tea grown only in selected areas of the Darjeeling tea growing district at the foothills of the Himalayas. This expertly manufactured offering involves each tea leaf tenderly plucked and masterly processed to create a very fine and flavoury cup of tea.

English Breakfast Tea - Tin Can

Initially known as Breakfast Tea, English breakfast is the most popular tea blend in the world. Popularized by the Queen Victoria of England, this robust tea is traditionally associated & paired with a hearty English breakfast. Our signature breakfast tea blend contains some of the finest tea leaves from Assam.

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Best Selling Chai & Kadha Teas

Masala Chai India's Authentic Spiced Tea - Royal Brocade Cloth Bag

An age-old classic, Masala Chai, Literally meaning "Spiced Tea" is one of the most popular tea blends in the world, originating from India. This Unique & ancient preparation contains a strong flavor of black tea blended with a variety of aromatic spices. Disclaimer: Brocade fabric design may change from time to time and may not be the same as shown on the website.

Assam Kadak Chai, Spicy Masala Blend

A spicy blend of strong CTC tea with handpicked spices to be prepared the traditional way. Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Bay Leaves & CTC Tea. Prevent Cold and Nasal Congestion, Antioxidant-rich helps prevent cell damage, Boost Energy, and Immunity.

Herbyoga - Immunity Booster Desi Kadha Tea

Herbyoga Immunity Booster Desi Kadha Tea is made with selected ingredients like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Giloy, and many more Indian herbs which help in boosting immunity to the next level. Every way of natural care is a wonder Cure!

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Best Selling Green Teas

Lemon Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Matcha is a fine stone-ground green tea powder from Japan. Lemon Matcha has the added benefits of lemon, making this blend highly beneficial to health and perfect for weight loss. Since it is more concentrated in antioxidants, Matcha tea is believed to have 10 times the nutritional value of green tea.

Green Tea - Tin Can

A delicate and smooth whole leaf green tea from the pristine hills of Darjeeling. This non-fermented tea, rich in natural anti-oxidants with several health benefits, is characteristic of a smooth light taste, a gentle & floral aroma with pale green Colour in the cup.

Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea - Tin Can

A fine grade of Green Tea, blended with Cinnamon sticks and crushed green Cardamom. A health-beneficial and highly-delicious beverage originating from the Kashmir valley in northern India.

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Best Selling White & Oolong Teas

White Exotica Tea - Tin Can

An exotic White Tea from Darjeeling with each leaf picked tenderly and selectively just before sunrise. The fairly long, light & fluffy leaves of this tea type are an absolute visual delight. Cultivated in the picturesque slopes of the Himalayas at altitudes up to 2000 meters, this rare tea type has excellent health benefits and a very high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Exclusive Darjeeling White Tea Full Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags

Benefits of Pyramid Tea Bag
Better Brew, Better Infusion, More Aromatic, Enhances Flavour

Sparkling Oolong Tea - Tin Can

Extraordinary oolong tea from Darjeeling, a go-between black and green tea having properties of both. Tenderly Grown and expertly processed in select estates, Darjeeling Oolong Teas are made from finely plucked leaves, usually two leaves and a bud. This beautiful leaf tea-type is semi-oxidized and abundant in anti-oxidants with several health benefits

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Best Selling Herbal Teas

Lemon Grass Green Tea

Lemon Grass is a popular herb that smells like lemon yet is milder & sweeter and, enriched with several vitamins and minerals, and believed to cure various ailments. Green tea is a fine light-liquoring tea with multiple health benefits. The artesian tea is blended in appropriate ratios to make for soothing and detoxifying cups.

Empyrean Azure - Blue Tea Infusion

Choice combination of Pea Butterfly, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Moringa, Sea buckthorn and Rose petals expertly blended with Green Tea, Having a floral aroma with a vegetal sweet note to relish and to stay well-nourished.

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