All About Earl Grey Teas
January 23, 2024 by Golden Tips Teas India

How often has a speciality tea received a direct endorsement from the British Prime Minister?

Earl Grey is one of the most recognized and popular beverages in the world. It has received positive feedback for providing numerous health benefits, ranging from heart to digestive health. However, do you know that this tea has quite a fascinating history behind it?

How Was Earl Grey Tea Developed?

Historically, Chinese tea masters were always innovating to make their teas more exotic. Driven by their desire to please the royalty and promote their trade, they infused all types of flowers and fruits into their teas during processing. One such attempt led to the development of a special type of tea. This tea was gifted to the 2nd Earl of Grey and Prime Minister of the UK, Charles Grey.

In this instance, the tea master experimented by using bergamot as a flavouring. Since the well water of Grey’s estate comprised lime flavour, the tea master used bergamot to offset its flavour. This customized tea became an instant success in the Grey household. Endorsed by the Prime Minister, it gained widespread popularity and was named the Earl Grey tea.

What Is Earl Grey Tea?

A flavoured tea contains true tea leaves that are blended or infused with spices, herbs, flowers, and fruit. Earl Grey tea is one such tea, which is infused with the bergamot orange. The bergamot orange’s rind is dried and added to black tea leaves for producing the Earl Grey tea. Some blends also use the Bergamot oil extracted from the rind.

What Is a Bergamot in Earl Grey?

The main ingredient of Earl Grey tea is a hybrid between a bitter orange and sweet lime. This fruit is mostly grown in Calabria, a region in Southern Italy. Interestingly, this small area produces at least 90% of the bergamot supply in the world, making this form of citrus extremely rare. For tea, essential oils are taken from the bergamot peels. Although modern technology has added a certain degree of efficiency, it still needs nearly 100 bergamot fruits to produce three ounces of essential oil. 

Earl grey Flavour

Like all black teas, Earl Grey has a bold flavour. However, it primarily stands out due to its citrusy flavour – created by adding synthetic or natural bergamot oil – extracted from the skin of bergamot orange. Every tea manufacturer has its own way of making Earl Grey. Still, the taste is mostly described as bold, refreshing, and bright.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Named after former British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey, Earl Grey Tea is popular for its unique taste and diverse properties. Earl Grey is a combination of several traditional Chinese blends, known for their medicinal qualities, and Earl Grey is no different.

One of its prominent qualities is that it is the best tea for anxiety and stress and has consistently proven to be an effective natural relaxant. However, providing relief from anxiety isn’t its only feature.


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The unique blend of ingredients in Earl Grey Tea makes it incredibly beneficial for health. Below are 7 of the most important health benefits of Earl Grey Tea.

1. Boosts Energy

Earl Grey Tea has just the necessary caffeine to give your energy level a boost in the morning. This feature makes it the perfect type of tea to have in the mornings with breakfast.

2. Improves Immunity

Since Earl Grey is a combination of several blends, it includes many ingredients, like Tulsi, that are natural immunity boosters. The ingredients work together to enhance each other’s effects, making the overall tea type beneficial for keeping our bodies immune.

3. Enhances Metabolism

Given its taste and properties, Earl Grey Tea is typically taken without milk and sugar. Adding some natural ingredients to this concoction enhances the body’s metabolism. Better metabolism also quickens the weight-loss process; so, it is a double benefit.

4. Reduces Anxiety

Earl Grey is one of the best teas for relieving anxiety and stress, and it’s known to have a positive impact on people with such health issues. People have been experiencing increased anxiety due to the pandemic, which has made consuming a tea like Earl Grey important.

Simply having a cup of Earl Grey a day should help mitigate some of the anxiety you feel regularly.

5. Beneficial for Teeth

The Earl Grey tea blend includes catechin, a strong antioxidant. The properties of the ingredient allow it to fight against infections, especially around the teeth. This helps improve teeth help and keeps you from experiencing dental pain.

6. Improves Digestion

One of the best health benefits of Earl Grey Tea is its impact on digestion. Earl Grey tea contains ingredients that help protect the gut, support the digestive process, and enhance the overall matter.

7. Prevents Cholesterol Build-Up

According to research, having three cups of Earl Grey Tea in one day can help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. This health benefit eventually helps prevent cardiovascular diseases that could have taken root otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Earl Grey Tea is one of the best teas for anxiety and stress relief. It has a range of benefits exclusive to Earl Grey Tea since it’s such a special blend. If you are looking to buy Earl Grey Tea, check out our diverse collection of Earl Grey Teas.

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