Celebrating Diwali with late night parties
November 07, 2020 by Golden Tips India

With the Diwali season right around the corner, many people are dazzling their homes with extraordinary decorations and rounding up delicious sweets. These five days are all about get-togethers and reunions with friends and family members. It’s time to mend old relationships and make new ones.

People dress up in new clothes and take part in family prayers (puja). Once the decorations, candles, diyas, crackers, and delicious sweets are behind them, the day finally culminates with friends and relatives bonding over card games and other family-friendly activities. Diwali is all about having lots of fun.

When it comes to enjoyment, nothing beats the excitement of plopping onto the couch and watching your favorite series on Netflix. Since you have five days to yourself, you can now squeeze in the time to arrange late-night parties and binge-watch your Netflix shows with friends & family.

Ease up on the Sweets!

We usually go all out on sweets during Diwali. This season, let’s do something a little different. Ditch the regular greasy sweets for something healthy. Consider buying dairy-free alternatives for your lactose-intolerant and vegan friends. Try to find sugar-free sweets made with date syrup. Choose confectionaries made with soya milk and coconut flour. Your guests will thank you for not trying to increase their waistlines!

Speaking of healthy food, this is the perfect time to brew a cup of Darjeeling tea. As its inescapably refreshing earthy aromas gradually fill up the air, it naturally sets the right tones for the day. Darjeeling tea eases up tension and relaxes the mind, allowing you to manage relationships with your friends and family. It’s all about cementing your ties, building new bonds, and making everyone get along with each other.

Diwali Gift Combo

Always Be Considerate of Your Surroundings

It is common for stray cats and dogs to get burn injuries as they come in contact with firecrackers. Even the sound of fireworks is enough to cause shock and panic. You can be a source of comfort to them by giving them access to shelter and food.

Use Non-Toxic Paper to Wrap Your Gifts

No Diwali festival is complete without sharing gifts wrapped up in a glittery paper. But this season, try to do something different: use non-toxic plain paper such as newspaper. This helps you stay unique and stand out in the crowd. If you are having guests over for dinner, make sure to clean your house. Get rid of any unnecessary junk that could get in the way of putting up celebratory lights.

The Gift of Darjeeling Tea

As the day comes to an end, give your friends a nicely wrapped box of Darjeeling teas. Trust us; they will thank you for it.

Golden Tips Tea has an extensive range of rare teas that are perfect for both tea connoisseurs and beginners alike! Buy from a specially curated range of teas for the biggest celebration night of the year.

The staff at Golden Tips Tea greets you and your family a most festive and memorable Diwali!

Celebrating Diwali
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