How Senior People Can Live Longer By Embracing a Certain Tea  Specialty
October 01, 2022 by Golden Tips Teas India

The last year was an eye-opener for many, especially senior people. Those who were following a healthy diet for years came out as clear winners. Unfortunately, those with poor diets paid a heavy price – many even lost their lives.
Since then, building immunity has been one of the hottest topics among the elderly. If you are in a similar boat, then it is not too late. Jump on the bandwagon because it can save your life. So, what is a single source of health benefits that boost your immunity and prevents certain diseases? For starters, look into loose leaf teas.
The health benefits of loose leaf tea are well established in scientific circles. More and more studies show that you are likely to live better and longer by making them a part of your lifestyle. Here is why it is right for you.

Prevents Chronic Conditions

With loose leaf tea, senior people can put up a fight against plenty of diseases.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Do you want to improve your cardiovascular health? Then, drink loose leaf tea because research shows that the risk of heart attacks and heart disease declines among tea drinkers.

A Harvard study found that participants who drank one or more teacups per day could lower the risk of heart attack by 44 per cent. In a similar vein, those who drank two or more teacups per day reduced the likelihood of death from cardiovascular disease by 23 percent.

Lower the Risk of Cancer

Cancer causes the deaths of 10 million people annually. Let that sink in. There is a reason why it remains one of the deadliest diseases in the world. When cancer spreads silently and is diagnosed at a later stage, there is no escaping it.
Although there is no cure for cancer, you can lower its risk. Once again, tea is your ally.
Research indicates that tea can protect against cancer, including skin, lung, breast, colon, and prostate.

Although the lowered risk of diagnosis can be linked to multiple factors, tea is considered a vital and prominent role.
The USA's Tea Association reports that tea drinkers had a 42 per cent lower risk of colon cancer.

Neutralize the Diabetes Threat

The benefits of loose leaf tea for senior people don't end here. It also regulates blood sugar to counter diabetes, hydrates the body efficiently, and improves bone density.


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Increase Physical Fitness

Other than the prevention of the diseases mentioned above, tea can improve physical health. According to research from the American Journal of Physiology, a loose leaf tea can boost muscle endurance by helping people burn fat. This means that once you can take this beverage regularly, you will become more energetic. This way, you gain a much-needed boost, allowing you to take long walks and participate in more exercises.

Leverage Cognitive Benefits and Relieve Stress

Do you feel that your memory and concentration are not the same anymore due to old age? Drink tea to improve brain health. Medical News Today found that avid tea drinkers are more alert than their non-tea-drinking counterparts. Older adults struggle to maintain attention and focus due to cognitive decline. With loose leaf tea, you can fight this slump and regain your younger mind.
A Newcastle University study found that older people who drink at least five cups of tea per day can enjoy significant cognitive benefits. The study focused on people aged more than 85 and found that their accuracy and speed of reaction while doing daily activities were better than their non-tea-drinking counterparts.
Moreover, a study from the National University of Singapore shows that senior people who drink tea regularly have lower levels of depression. Therefore, drink it to achieve peace of mind.

Reach Out to Golden Tea Tips to Build Your Immunity

Senior people who don't drink tea should consider consuming loose leaf tea regularly. Teas are available in more than 250 varieties, and you are going to like the taste, drink it for its long list of health benefits. It can help you live a healthy, longer, and peaceful life. Do remember that before adding any food to your diet, you should consult your physician to make sure it does not interfere with your medications.
If you are looking to drink a delicious and healthy cup of tea, take a look at the world-class tea varieties at the most reasonable prices from Golden Tea Tips.

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