benefits of matcha green tea
December 26, 2019 by Golden Tips Teas India

Teas, including green teas, have been an important drink for thousands of years and has been a major part of the culture in countries around the world. But it isn’t just appreciated for its good taste, it also offers numerous health benefits. In fact, Matcha is nothing but green tea. To get the best quality matcha, make sure your matcha is bright green — the greener, the better.

While we enjoy quality matcha primarily for the incredible indulgent delights it gives us, it’s a truly happy coincidence that it happens to be good for you in lots of different ways. It may seem ridiculous to some, but think of a daily matcha habit as a cross between meditation and medication. For this very reason we say that one should definitely include matcha green tea to their daily routine.

Part of the stress-relieving aspects of matcha are, of course, placebic. When we decide to take a few minutes for the mindful exercise of preparing, and sipping, a gorgeous cup or bowl of green tea, and by this very act becomes a stress reliever. Far more than throwing a tea bag into a mug of hot water, preparing a bowl of matcha signals a certain level of caring and attention that sets the right tone. The very act of deciding to make it a mindful experience, and then to actually do it, are bound to create feelings of serenity and stillness.

Matcha is ridiculously full of catechins, flavonoids, and polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG), which has been linked to so many health benefits. Matcha has vastly more EGCGs than regular green tea (some studies even put the figure at 140 times the regular) for the simple reason that unlike regular loose-leaf green tea, which is steeped and thus only the soluble fibers are extracted, matcha is consumed whole, thereby consuming both soluble and insoluble fibers. Matcha has also huge quantities of polyphenols — the naturally occurring compounds found in the tea plant that are thought to be responsible for some of the health effects conferred by a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. These polyphenols get broken down by our gut bacteria into bioactive, polyphenol-derived metabolites.

Matcha is a powerful ally in fighting fatigue. The combination of naturally occurring amino acids plus small amounts of caffeine tend to give an instant boost to personal energy levels. Most people feel the stimulative effects of a cup of matcha for at least two hours, but they last as long as six hours for some people. Regular matcha drinkers have also reported clearer and quicker thinking, increased alertness and awareness, and elevated moods. Some of the regular drinkers are software engineers and high risk professionals, who say that matcha puts them “in the zone” for intense mental focus without distraction.

To put it into better perspective, here are the benefits of Matcha Green tea in brief. Matcha improves mental alertness, significantly increases energy, increases calmness and reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts metabolic rate in regular drinkers, thereby facilitating weight loss, cleanses blood and detoxifies due to its high chlorophyll content, minimizes symptoms of PMS, and much much more! Matcha green tea is arguably the most nutritious, naturally occurring beverage on the planet. Now don’t you think considering a regular cup of matcha can help you in so many ways?

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