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FLAVOURY FINE FETTLE - Six Refreshing Fruit Infusions

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Introducing FLAVOURY FINE FETTLE - a collection of the finest Indian herbs and Floral Petals carefully crafted to bring out a perfect blend of Aroma, Taste, and Health benefits. Each pack is air-sealed and beautifully packaged in a gift box, 

Floral Delight (black tea): Classic rose with a touch of sweetness (stevia) and tartness (hibiscus)

Amethyst Ardor (purple tea): Naturally caffeine-free, known for its delicate floral aroma and slightly sweet taste.

Green Grass (lemon green tea): Invigorating green tea with a refreshing citrus twist (lemon).

Green Blush (green tea): Romantic blend of green tea and rose petals, offering a calming floral fragrance and smooth taste.

Empyrean Azure (blue tea): Naturally caffeine-free butterfly pea flower tea with a subtle floral aroma and beautiful blue color.

Hibiscus Rose (black tea): Tangy and refreshing black tea with vibrant hibiscus flowers, resulting in a beautiful ruby red color.


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R. (Kharagpur, IN)

beautifully flavoured varitey of samples to choose your favourite


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