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Great Ginger Tea

Wonderful refreshing taste of ginger and other spices in strong CTC tea. Great combination.


its good but not best

Good in taste

Smoky Flavour

I love it


It’s my favourite flavour

Good first flush

It's a very good variety however not a premium first flush like moonshine

Good tea

Good tea at reasonable price

Ginger Chai CTC Black Tea
Loved It

Nice aroma and taste.

Little Bit Strong Taste

Feel like Little Bit Strong in Taste an need to add some sugar or honey.

Taste and packaging

I find this tea an excellent offering within the price range.

Roasted Flavour

A distinct, very bright coloured and smokiness in flavour, representing the roasted flavour as mentioned on the tea pack. Tastes much better with a dash of milk.

Summer Serenade Second Flush Darjeeling Black Tea

Sometimes all you need is a good cup of Tea like Darjeeling Black Tea

Second Flush Darjeeling

The Summer Serenade Second Flush Darjeeling tea by Golden Tips has vegetal notes, a distinct Darjeeling aroma, bright coppery colour. Balanced taste of robustness along with smooth astringent taste. All teas must also be evaluated with the price range they are available, I find this tea an excellent offering within the price range it is launched.

Authentic Masala Tea

The combination of spices in this tea is just right to give you a refreshing start, without the excessive punch of spices. I would just say - mild, aromatic, refreshing and soothing.


Its one of my favourite tea. I love the taste and the aroma makes me mad.


Happy with the aroma, but First Flash Spring Pagent is far better in aroma and taste.

Wow it keep me fresh throughout day

Good product . If shaffron flavour is available any thing for reducing weight?

Not exceptional

Though the tea is named Muscatel Zest the hint of muscatel is so subtle it is difficult to appreciate.

It's the same taste as Lipton Darjeeling Tea, I was expecting a better quality. Very dissapointing.


Just wow 🤩. Can get every flavour in a box. Very handy. Good item to be gifted to Tea Lovers 😍

Enjoyed the freshness and taste of both the teas.

Mind blowing

Tried a sampler given the premium pricing. This is stunning. Such wholesome Darjeeling tea drinking experience. Bursts with floral notes and finishes with right amount of sweetness - reminds of good old age Darjeeling tea.

Quintessential Darjeeling tea

You are surrounded by beautiful floral notes in your mouth that transport your mind right at the centre of a beautiful high altitude Darjeeling tea garden. Wonderfully refreshing

This is what is called a Green Tea

If you’re looking forward to taste the benefits of both health and tea flavour, this is the product. It’s not the beat raw tea but it’s best among those available in India.

Just awesome

This is the best tea I've ever had. I won't be able to drink any other tea after tasting this tea. The tea has a unique spicy taste.

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