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Fantastic Tea !!

My family has become a fan of this Tea. Thank you Team Golden Tips for starting the online order fulfillment process.

N.B. This tea is really addictive 😀

Excellent tea collection

This selection is outstanding and a must-have for tea enthusiasts. It deserves a five-star rating for its packaging, flavor, and shipping.

One of the very best you can ever sip!

This tea truly unfolds itself like a dreamy story on your palate. You will be left engulfed in a world of pleasure and delight until the time you keep sipping. What burst of flavours! Truly the best that only Darjeeling can offer.

Best Darjeeling 2nd flush tea in this price

Strong black tea but if steeped for just 2 mins a rare fruity cup is unlocked, tasting more smooth/fruity than teas twice it's price.

Nice fruity taste with honey finish

Clean taste, no astringent, not-so-strong black tea with fruity taste and honey finish, worth the price.

Tea leaf

For me it goes good with the golden tips premium ctc. A great combo. Keep it up golden tips.

Premium CTC Tea
Ajay Sharma (Siliguri, IN)
Premium CTC & RUMTEK leaf tea

For someone who doesn’t have any knowledge whether to buy first flush second flush etc etc…. Go for these two. mix them and get the heavenly taste of golden tips tea’s best

Very good product

Very good smell and test.

High Mountain Fine Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea
I am upset. Flavour less product

Below quality, there is no flavour. I purchase far better tea from open market at lower price. I am a tea lover. I purchase ₹ 8000+ online. I shall not never purchase from you.

Earl Grey Green Tea - Tin Can
Sambandam Kumar (Kallakurichi, IN)
Earl grey green tea

We are the client of golden tips with various tea flavours for past more than 10 years and one of the highlight is Earl grey green tea. It is refreshing and rejuvenating the body.

Earl Grey Spice Black Tea
Charu Batra (Bengaluru, IN)
An excellent aromatic blend. Has become a family favourite now. Thanks.

An excellent aromatic blend. Has become a family favourite now. Thanks.

Strong morning cup with flowery notes

Strong and astringent taste, clonal flowery notes present there, I always steep this tea for NOT MORE THAN 2 mins to get a mellow flowery aroma yet strong enough taste, leaf category is GFOP or FOP at Max, but still if you prepare the tea properly you can get a nice clean cup.

Nice flowery fragrance and taste

Complex flowery fragrance and taste, classic Darjeeling first flush aroma, this tea is proof that the tea doesn't have to be too costly to have authentic Darjeeling aroma and taste, Not much astringent although this is not FTGFO1 category full leaves (just don't steep for more than 3.5 mins), one of the best Darjeeling teas I have tried even though low in cost and tea leaf type

Awesome Sweet Morning Cup

Complex fruity taste, Strong taste but not astringent because of full leaves, you can feel both muscatel as well as clonal notes in this mystery tea, perfect morning cup . Not advised to add anything else as this tea have a complex unique sweet taste,

Transports you to Hills

Excellent tea. I am able to add one teaspoon milk for two cups preparation. Nice color and fabulous sweet taste. No sugar required

Premium CTC Tea
Sandeep Bose (Patna, IN)
Best Tea directly from Mountains !!

I am using this tea since 1 year. After buying for the first time in Darjelling I fell in love with this tea. Its the best tea to be mixed with milk. Its strong and nice.

Golden Broken Pekoe Green Tea
Mario Sequeira (Bengaluru, IN)

Delicious tea

Chamomile Green Tea
Mario Sequeira (Bengaluru, IN)

Excellent tea

Herbyoga - Lavender Mint Green Tea
Mario Sequeira (Bengaluru, IN)

Very nice

Truly a secret

I have never before tasted such a delightful first flush at so low a price point. Usually I'm not one for reviews but this one was an unlooked for and extremely pleasant surprise. The more expensive first flush teas are expected to be good and so they always are. But once in a while I try the not so expensive ones and they are unfailingly grassy, flat and disappointing. Not so this one. It's really very aptly named actually. A well kept spring secret.

Good quality made with care add to it awesome flavor!

English Breakfast Tea - Tin Can
Kaushik Chattopadhyay (Aurangabad, IN)
English Breakfast Tea

Golden Tips have maintained their standard. The tea quality is superb and the delivery was also quick. The trial pack was also helped us to know the options of future buying.

Earl Grey Tea - Tin Can
Kaushik Chattopadhyay (Aurangabad, IN)
Earl Grey Tea

Golden Tips have maintained their standard. The tea quality is superb and the delivery was also quick. The trial pack was also helped us to know the options of future buying.

Darjeeling Full Leaf Pyramid - Tea Bags
Gaurav Roy Choudhury (Bengaluru, IN)
Great Tea

Being a die hard Darjeeling tea drinker, I've moved from brand to brand as they shut down or drop in quality. I've been enjoying this tea for the last two years now and I don't want to jinx it, but it's consistently good.

Chocolate Flavoured Black Tea - Tin Can
Gaurav Dhingra (Delhi, IN)
Aroma of chocolate

Sipping this tea gives a pleasant aroma of chocolate notes with a balanced hints of chocolate flavour. It's very refined, subtle and you will instantly like it. Mostly because the tea is absolutely pleasant and not bitter at all.

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