Tea Treatments – Best Teas for Treating Sore Throat
June 03, 2021 by Golden Tips Teas India

It’s that time of the year again when the seasonal changes are wrecking up our immune systems and leaving us with annoying discomforts like a sore throat. The worst part is this happening right when it is finally the season to have all the chilled drinks too!

As always, tea will come to our rescue. With the plethora of varieties and unique properties, tea is one of the most comforting beverages to have while we are sick with a sore throat. However, did you ever wonder why we tend to have tea or Kadha to treat our cold or sore throat symptoms?

Tea and Their Healing Properties

Tea has been a staple beverage in several cultures. Aside from the incredible taste and varieties, the popularity is also a result of its healing properties. Both the Chinese and Japanese cultures have historically used tea to heal the body and boost immunity. Whereas in India, age-old Ayurveda prescribes drinking of Kadha teas to relieve pain and increase immunity at the same time.

Best Tea for Sore Throat and Cough

While tea is generally amazing, a few varieties are especially popular for their health benefits. Following are important types of tea that are perfect for treating sore throat.

Ginger Mastea - Indian Masala Chai

A classic blend of strong CTC tea with a host of selected Indian spices along with the aromatic and pungent Ginger. This traditional recipe makes for an unforgettable drink that is best served in a shot glass or clay cup.

Chamomile Green Tea

The delicate taste and exquisite blend of Green Tea is ideally complimented by the fine aroma of natural Chamomile. This combination has a fruit-like flavor similar to apple and besides being delicious, has a number of valuable therapeutic properties.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is a well-known antioxidant and is effective for building and boosting immunity. Turmeric tea has similar properties and helps fight against some of the worst diseases. Hot cups of turmeric tea are excellent for treating sore throat and coughs, but that’s not all.

Turmeric tea eases arthritis pain, alleviates ulcers, prevents Alzheimer’s, and boosts overall immunity. It also helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL), making it effective against several potential diseases.

Kadha Tea

Herbyoga Immunity Booster Desi Kadha Tea is made with selected ingredients like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Giloy, and many more Indian herbs which help in boosting immunity to the next level. Every way of natural care is a wonderful Cure!

You can have it even on regular days because it effectively helps in digestion, kills bacteria, suppresses appetite, purifies the blood and fights bacterias.

Green Tea

Green tea is the most commercial variety of tea popularly associated with weight loss, health benefits, and detoxification. It soothes a sore throat while simultaneously boosting immunity and slowing down the ageing process.

It also facilitates fat burning and reduces bad breath, making it an excellent choice for routine consumption. And when it comes to Darjeeling Green Tea, nothing in the world can beat the experience.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog about the best tea for sore throat and cough and found a few solutions that work for you during this weather. You can also visit a handpicked collection of other immunity booster teas to enjoy routinely, and you can place orders from anywhere around the world.

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