Difference Between Green Tea and Herbal Tea
December 09, 2022 by Golden Tips Teas India

If you ever thought green tea and herbal tea were the same, you’re not alone. Several people make the same mistake.

Tea was initially the staple beverage in a few countries and cultures. However, it has taken over the entire world. People love experimenting with the delicious beverage and its numerous blends, all of which have their respective qualities and markets.

Due to the quick expansion, several people have become accustomed to using unique types of tea but are not clear about their disparities. Confusion around the difference between herbal tea and green tea is common; therefore, this blog addresses it.

The Key Differences

There is a common misconception that green tea and herbal tea are the same despite their composition, benefits, and types being entirely different. Following are the primary differences between both.

1. Ingredients

Green tea is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant and does not need additional elements to complete it. In contrast, herbal teas are made using dried herbs, flowers, fruits, spices, etc.

Tea drinkers may sometimes add green tea, black tea, or oolong tea leaves to herbal teas to enhance their flavor and benefits, but they don’t necessarily have them every time.

2. The Making Process

Green Tea

As mentioned above, green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is also used to make black tea , white tea , and oolong tea . The main difference between these teas comes from the variance in the withering and oxidation process.

Green tea does not undergo oxidation at all while others do, with black tea being the most oxidized. Once you get dried green tea leaves, you need to pour hot water on them and let them seep until you have your preferred flavor. Additions like peppermint, lemon, honey, etc., only enhance the taste.

Herbal Tea

Unlike green tea, herbal tea doesn’t use the tea plant. It is a blend of dried flowers, spices, and herbs. People use dried forms of these ingredients in varying ratios, pour hot water on them, and let them seep.

Once the ingredients have reached the strength of flavor you like, you can start drinking.

3. Benefits

Both herbal teas and green tea have their respective benefits, so it isn't as green tea vs. herbal tea area.

Green tea is known for its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components, both of which are beneficial for our health. Conversely, herbal tea comes with the benefits of all its ingredients . Hibiscus, a popular flower, actively reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and fights obesity.

4. Caffeine Content

Since herbal teas are not made using tea leaves, they don't have caffeine, which is present in all leaf-based teas, including green tea, which has the lowest caffeine. People who love tea but need to avoid caffeine for medical reasons can, hence, switch to herbal teas as they are 100% caffeine-free teas.

5. Types

Both Herbal and Green tea have several varieties you can enjoy, and you can easily find various blends at Golden Tips Tea.

Types of Herbal Tea

Hibiscus Rose Black Tea

Fine whole-leaf Black Tea blended with dried Hibiscus and Rose petals. Hibiscus, also the national flower of several countries, is loved for its sour, lemony-tart and berryish flavours and has several health benefits. It is believed to help cure stomach disorders, high blood pressure, bacterial infections, reduce fever,induce weight-loss, is anti-diabetic and promotes general well-being. The addition of fragrant and sweet rose petals makes this a delicious drink which can be drunk hot or cold and along with some honey.

Herbyoga - Immunity Booster Desi Kadha Tea 100gm

Herbyoga Immunity Booster Desi Kadha Tea is made with selected ingredients like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Giloy, and many more Indian herbs which help in boosting immunity to the next level. Every way of natural care is a wonder Cure!

Green Blush - Rose Green Tea

A fine high-grown Green Tea blended with delicately plucked and fragrant Rose petals, to create a sweet and pleasant flavour. Green Tea, well-known for its multiple health benefits combined with Rose petals, makes for delicious cup to relish anytime of the day.

Divine Potpourri - Licorice, Peppermint, Rose, Fennel, Hibiscus & Green Tea

An energizing blend of fine green tea with Licorice, Peppermint, Rose, Fennel and Hibiscus is perfect for the health-conscious. This specially crafted blend makes for an extremely aromatic and flavourful cuppa.

Chamomile Green Tea

The delicate taste and exquisite blend of Green Tea is ideally complimented by the fine aroma of natural Chamomile. This combination has a fruit-like flavor similar to apple and besides being delicious, has a number of valuable therapeutic properties.

Herbyoga - Tulsi, Turmeric & Ginger Herbal Tea

Turmeric " is an aromatic medicinal plant that is very well known to Indians since ancient times, It is an essential ingredient in many medicines prepared under the Indian medical systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, and also many ethnic medicinal practices.

Herbyoga - Tulsi, Turmeric & Ginger Herbal Tea

Turmeric " is an aromatic medicinal plant that is very well known to Indians since ancient times, It is an essential ingredient in many medicines prepared under the Indian medical systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, and also many ethnic medicinal practices.

Types of Green Tea

Earl Grey Tea - Tin Can

Earl Grey, the most popular tea blend in the world is names after the British Minster, the 2nd Earl Grey. Our Earl Grey Darjeeling Tea is an interesting take on this classic combination of the finest black tea leaves from Darjeeling scented with natural oil from the ripened peel of the bergamot fruit, a pear shaped sour orange originally found in southern Italy.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder - Tin Box

This truly detoxifying drink is the secret to mental & physical wellness. According to an 8th-century Zen priest, Eisai, Matcha is the ultimate mental & medical remedy and has the ability to make one's life more full and complete. Stone-ground powdered Japanese Matcha Green Tea is grown and processed in tranquil surroundings and pollution-free Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. Available in attractive Tin Box Packaging.

Lemon Green Envelope - Tea Bags

Premium green tea combined with the refreshing citrus flavour of lemon. Rich source of anti-oxidants 100% Natural Ingredients.

Kashmiri Kahwa - Royal Brocade Cloth Bag

A fine grade of green tea blended with cinnamon sticks and crushed green cardamom. A health beneficial and highly delicious beverage originating from the Kashmir Valley in northern India.

Jasmine Green Tea - Royal Brocade Cloth Bag

A popular combination of full leaf green tea flushed with fresh Jasmine blossoms. This expertly manufactured tea is characteristic of a sweet & alluring aroma of Jasmine flowers, pale green liquor and a fresh lingering after taste.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about the difference between herbal tea and green tea and want to try a few options. You can check our our website for several varieties or contact us if you have any queries.

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