A cup of green tea

Green tea has been the beverage of choice in Asia and other countries for centuries. Countries that prominently consume green tea include the United States, China, Australia, India, Japan, and most of the oriental countries. Golden Tips Tea only selects green tea from tea-estates that specialize in natural and organic farming methods. The result is an infusion of green tea with pleasing aromas and an unrivalled, authentic experience.

Unravelling the Taste Profile of Green Tea

Expert tea taster and Golden Tips Tea Director Madhav Sarda shares tips on selecting the most exquisite quality green teas. “Whereas black tea has bold, rich, and malty texture, green teas are comparatively softer, mellow, with a tinge of mild fruitiness, and a touch of sweetness that produces soft and subtle liquor. Good quality green tea is never bitter in taste, and the bitterness is the result of either bad quality of tea or the way it is prepared.”

Always remember, not all healthy drinks are awful in taste or bad, at Golden Tips Tea, we have an excellent collection of choicest teas available that will elevate your experience and bring good health. We have a curated list of the top five most delicious green teas to choose from:

1. Emerald Organic Darjeeling Second Flush

Farmers at Arya Estate grow Darjeeling tea and time it just right to harvest green tea. Emerald Organic was harvested right after the second flush and underwent the least bit of oxidation, as is commonly the case of green tea. The result is tea leaves that are light and mellow, producing tea that has a mild floral aroma with a vegetal state. Your cup of tea will be highly enjoyable and brilliant, leaving a sweetish aftertaste that leaves you wanting for more.

2. Virgin Organic Green Tea Autumn Flush

This carefully crafted blend of organic green tea is designed to increase stamina and improve energy. Tea artisans expertly grow and handpick the leaves from the Blue Mountains of South India. The easy-drinking beverage does not cut back on taste and brews a cup of mildly floral taste. You can describe the tasting notes as vegetal with herbaceous complexity alongside earthy notes.

Virgin Organic Green Tea Autumn Flush

3. RoseHerb Green Tea Tin Can

Purists and health-conscious individuals alike love this product because of the tasteful infusion of green tea with exotic medicinal herbs. It smells sweet like grass with a lush, salty, and fresh taste. Due to the infusion with other herbs, the taste is complex with sweetish and rosy undertones. The brewed liquor has a very bright appearance that gleams an orange aura.

RoseHerb Green Tea Tin Can

4. Chamomile Green Tea

Chamomile green tea is derived from dried chamomile flowers and infused with green tea leaves. Its liquor has a distinct golden colour with a fruity, delectable flavour. The tea does not give the drinker a strong dose of caffeine and is ideal for individuals who want to induce calming and soothing effects, especially if they want to go to sleep. Chamomile green tea is a great alternative to black tea and pure green tea.

Chamomile Green Tea

5. Cool Mint – Green Tea

Mint has a notable pungent flavour that can add to the therapeutic effect of green tea. The idea is to add the soothing, refreshing tones of mint in every sip of green tea. You can drink it any time of the day.

Are you interested in buying the perfect cup of green tea? Start your shopping with Golden Tips Tea for an authentic collection of most delicious green teas.

Cool Mint – Green Tea

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