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Many tea connoisseurs complain about not getting the proper aroma and flavor when they are served a cup of Darjeeling tea. Truth be told, brewing a cup of Darjeeling tea is a delicate process that requires extreme precision. Ignoring some essential steps will result in the loss of authentic taste and flavor. The first thing you’ll need, of course, is access to Darjeeling tea leaves from an authentic source.

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Preparing a cup of Darjeeling tea further depends on the type of tea leaves being used – are you using black, oolong, white, or green tea leaves? Here are a few things that are essential to all varieties of Darjeeling tea.

1. The Tea Leaves Should Be Properly Stored

Remember that the tea leaves are sensitive to the outdoor environment, and they must be appropriately stored. The longer you keep them out in the open unprotected, the more you will deviate from the authentic taste. For starters, store the tea leaves in an airtight aluminum container to retain its natural flavor and aroma.

2. Don’t Use Tap Water

Make Darjeeling tea using only soft water. Tap water contains chlorine, salt, iron, and other impurities that will spoil that authentic taste, aroma, flavor, and even texture of Darjeeling tea. You can obtain this water from packed drinking water or a modernized water purifier or RO.

3. Do Not Add Sugar and Milk

It’s ironic when you put the terms ‘authentic’ and ‘milk’ together. Of course, sugar and milk will change the taste of the liquor. Make sure you’re getting the actual taste of Darjeeling tea by avoiding sugar and milk altogether. That being said, there is no harm in adding a few drops of lemon juice to complement the tea’s taste.

4. Make Sure to Use Proper Equipment

You must use proper equipment to brew Darjeeling tea and get the most out of its flavor. Most people don’t know this and wonder where all the original taste went. A good idea is to use China porcelain pots that are great for steeping Darjeeling tea. If you have multiple blends of Darjeeling tea, try to assign one tea spot for each blend. This prevents cross-contamination across multiple varieties of Darjeeling tea.

5. Properly Infuse Tea Leaves into Hot Water

To properly infuse tea leaves with hot water, make sure to toss the tea leaves before the hot water. Do not use metallic-infusion balls because they will distort the original taste. These fussy little metal cases may simplify the brewing process, but the simplicity comes at the cost of altering the tea taste.

The proper steeping time depends on the kind of tea or flushes you are using. In most cases, this is a trial and error process. Most tea connoisseurs agree that you should steep the hot water with the tea leaves for about 3 to 5 minutes.

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